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A new, easy and free to use web-mapping tool is here! Are you working with regional planning in the Nordic Region? Or perhaps just interested in regional and municipal differences between Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland when it comes to ageing population, labour force or even gender ratio? With NordMap you can create maps with data harmonised by Nordregio and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks – share it, save it and use it any way you like! NordMap is easy to use and you don’t need any previous mapping experience.

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The web-mapping tool is optimized for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
For small-screen devices is the functionality limited.


Holmamiralens Väg 10, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm (SE)
NordMap will be ready in a moment...
  1. Let's take a quick tour through NordMap

    Above you can switch between basic info about NordMap project, latest news and useful contacts channels.

  2. Choose a category!

    Browse the categories and choose a topic you are interested in.

  3. Choose a map!

    Browse the maps and choose one from list!

  4. Map controls

    At the bottom right corner, here are placed legend, scale bar and zoom controls.

  5. Explore widgets

    Here, all the widgets are docked. By clicking on each one, they can be expanded and used to interact with the maps.

  6. Information widget

    Get the basic info about selected map, or, if there is an option, customize your map!

  7. Analytics widget

    Get the detailed attribute value for each area.

  8. Colours widget

    Redraw the colour scale according to your preferences!

  9. Time series widget

    Click on play button and see the changes throughout all available years!

  10. Select similar widget

    Select an area of your interest or areas similar to the selected one!

  11. Sharing widget

    Share a map with your friends or colleagues via social networks or simply save your map!